Technical Consultancy Services and Opinions, Expert’s Opinions

Effective and efficient realisation of investments is largely dependent on the quality of design documentation. An incomplete documentation is the source of numerous problems and hindrances that may occur during execution of works. Verification of documentation eliminates errors, deficiencies and discrepancies, prevents from generating additional costs and considerably speeds up investment realisation.

We also provide the Investors with advices by serving as a Technical Consultant in the course of entire investment process.

As part of its business, ATEX Engineering Office offers:

  • verification and assessment of multi-discipline design and cost documentation in respect of compliance with technical conditions, applicable guidelines and regulations,
  • assessment of documentation completeness in respect of formal and legal issues,
  • assessment of design solutions in respect of technological and maintenance issues,
  • assessment of studies in respect of completeness for contracting purposes,
  • verification and assessment of Detailed Technical Specifications,
  • analysis and assessment of design solutions in respect of costs,
  • analysis of study’s internal coherence,
  • technical opinions and expert opinions.

ATEX is ready to support you in this respect, both during execution of design, assembly and repair works as well as acceptance of finished process lines.

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