About the company

ATEX – Engineering Office was established in 2006 by Mariusz Misiurski, a technical safety specialist, with particular attention to explosion and machinery safety.

Mr Mariusz Misiurski, a long-standing employee of the greatest Polish sugar factory “Glinojeck” S.A., which later on became one of the sugar factories belonging to British Sugar Overseas Polska S.A., was responsible for technical safety in terms of machinery and explosion. Since 2002, he held a position of explosion safety coordinator as part of all BSO Group’s sugar factories. He was responsible for identification of risks, comprehensive development of explosion safety regulations, including development of proper documentations, implementation and supervision over explosion safety regulations, as well as introduction of explosion and machinery standards and procedures into OHS and ISO management systems. Final stage of these works was related to supervision over technical explosion protection in all BSO Polska Group sugar factories performed by external specialised companies. This scope of works was carried out in cooperation with Chilworth, a British notified body dealing with process and explosion safety.

ATEX – Engineering Office’s staff is characterised by considerable experience and know-how which, in connection with simultaneous obedience to applicable and available standards in their studies, guarantee reliable and professional execution of tasks for the Clients.

Our employees are well-experienced in the development of any analyses and expert opinions related to explosion risks and technical safety of systems of production processes.

Our Clients include numerous enterprises from various industrial branches ranging from food, pharmaceutical, chemical and automotive industry, through wood processing, industrial power industry, exploration and production of oil and natural gas, printing houses, paints shops, design offices, etc.

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