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We warmly welcome you to ATEX – Engineering Office website. Our actions are directed to prevent losses resulting from safety incidents in industrial plants and other production and service facilities. We provide support for persons responsible for supervising industrial processes to fulfil legal requirements related to the development of technical safety documentation and analyses.

We are participants of the program:

ATEX Engineering Office offers current state of the art and essential tools for solving design, conceptual and factual issues in the course of project performance in the following areas:

  • explosion protection – ATEX Directives
  • industrial machinery safety – Machinery and Equipment Directives.

While executing an order, we are aimed primarily at working for our Client’s benefit and at the same time ensuring top quality provision of comprehensive services and satisfaction of the Clients’ needs.

Our offer:

Explosion Risk Analysis

Risks resulting from the use of flammable substances, dusts or gases or their mixtures.

Technical Safety Analysis

We carry out technical safety risk analyses for machinery, systems and entire plants.

Machinery Certification

ATEX Engineering Office verifies certificates submitted along with new equipment or systems.

Safety Audits

Offer includes machinery safety audits, compliance audits, explosion safety audits, ATEX audits and assessment of investment concepts and projects.

Technical Consultancy Services and Opinions

Support during execution of design, assembly and repair works as well as acceptance of finished process lines.

Acceptance of Investments

We support the Investors purchasing new and used machinery and systems in assessing machinery/system condition.


As part of our business, we conduct specialised trainings in explosion and machinery safety risk.

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